Journal of Pharmaceutical And Sciences

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Vol 4 No 1 (2021)
Published June 26, 2021
JPS Volume 4 Nomor 1 (2021)


JPS Volume 4 Nomor 1 (2021)

Praise our gratitude for the presence of Allah SWT, for His blessings and mercy. Again, we can present the latest article in the Journal of Pharmaceutical and Sciences (JPS) Volume 4 Number 1 Edition January - June 2021. Shalawat and greetings, let us give to our lord the Great Prophet Muhammad SAW, along with his family, friends, and followers of the Prophet, God willing, including all of us until the end of time. In early 2020, the world experienced great shocks due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but this did not deter the Journal of Pharmaceutical and Sciences (JPS) 's steps and contributions to increase scientific development in the pharmaceutical field well as the authors who have submitted articles published. In this edition, although there is a decrease in the number of papers sent to editors.

This fourth edition was published in early 2021 when the COVID-19 pandemic began to enter its second wave, and all countries implemented stricter policies to suppress the spread. This edition was published with limitations and decreased the number of articles sent to the editorial desk. This edition was opened with writings from Syiah Kuala university academics with the title Antimicrobial Activity Jangjingki (Oxalis corniculata L.) Against The Growth Of Staphylococcus Aureus, Escherichia Coli, and Candida Albicans, the second article entitled Ethanol Extract Analgesics Activities Of Mahkota Dewa Leaves (Phaleria macrocarpa (Scherff.) Boerl) FOR IN VIVO, the third article Formulation and Evaluation of Edible Film dosage form herbal combination used potatoes starch (Solanum tuberosum L) as a polymer with a variance of sorbitol as plasticizers, the fourth article is a review article of Sultan Ageng Tirtayasa University academics, this article discusses the Use of Combination Therapy in Malaria Treatment and Prevention in Indonesia. In contrast, the closing article was written by academics from the Haji University of North Sumatra with the title FORMULATION AND EVALUATION OF BALM STICK FROM RED GINGER (Zingiber officinale Rosc) OLEORESIN AS MUSCLE AND HINGE PAIN RELIEF.

The issuance of this number was also due to the hard work and attention of many parties; Therefore, the editorial team would like to thank the bestari partners (reviewers) who were willing to provide input to the editor and review existing writings. Thank you to the editors who have also taken the time to create the Pharmaceutical and Science Journal (JPS) to publish well. Hopefully, the articles in this journal can be useful for readers and provide much enlightenment for even better things. Currently, the editorial team and management of the Journal of Pharmaceutical and Sciences are preparing for DOAJ indexing and journal accreditation filing (Sinta) at the end of this year. We hope that the Journal of Pharmaceutical and Sciences can carry out this process well and get good results.

For the next Volume 4 Edition Number two July-December 2021 Edition, we invite fellow researchers and pharmacy practitioners or those related to the field of pharmacy to send manuscripts to be presented in the next edition of the journal. We welcome suggestions and constructive criticism from customers, readers, and other parties. Happy reading.



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