Peer Review Policy

Peer Review Policy for the Journal of Pharmaceutical and Sciences

Journal of Pharmaceutical and Sciences (JPS) is a national journal published by the Faculty of Pharmacy, Tjut Nyak Dhien University. Research articles submitted to this online journal are peer-reviewed. The peer-reviewed system in the Journal of Pharmaceutical and Sciences (JPS) was conducted through a double-blind review. All manuscripts (except editorial, comments, and correspondence) submitted to the Journal of Pharmaceutical and Sciences (JPS) will be peer-reviewed by at least one reviewer. All manuscripts were submitted to reviewers anonymously. The reviewer's comments are also sent anonymously to the respective authors to take necessary action and feedback.  The decision to publish article manuscripts is made by the editor based on recommendations from reviewers and considerations of the Editorial Board. The practice of peer review is to ensure that only good science is published. All manuscripts were peer-reviewed, following the procedure outlined below.


Evaluation of the initial manuscript

The editor first evaluates all manuscripts. Manuscripts rejected at this stage are not authentic enough, articles have a similarity rate above 80%, have severe scientific deficiencies, have poor grammar or English, or fall outside the journal's purpose and scope. Those who meet the minimum criteria are usually referred to at least one expert for review.


Types of Peer Reviews

The Journal of Pharmaceutical and Sciences (JPS) uses a double-blind review, in which referees remain anonymous throughout the process. All manuscripts are sent anonymously, and comments are sent anonymously to the respective authors and assigned to papers according to their expertise.


Referee report

Reviewers were asked to evaluate whether the text was:

  • Is original
  • Is methodologically sensible
  • Followed appropriate ethical guidelines
  • Had results that were clearly presented and supported the conclusions
  • Correctly referred to relevant previous work.

Language correction is not part of the peer-review process, but reviewers can suggest corrections to the manuscript if needed.


Final report 

The final decision to accept or reject the article manuscript for publication will be sent to the author along with recommendations made by the editor and may include verbatim comments by the editor. This final decision is based on the recommendation of the reviewer and the consideration of the Editorial Board. Reviewers advise the editor, who is responsible for the final decision to accept, revision or reject the article. The goal of the Editorial office is of providing the reviewers' reports, and the final decision by the Editor, within four weeks since submission, the whole process will be handled by the Managing Editor.


Revised manuscripts

Manuscripts that have been revised will be sent to the reviewer for comment. If a reviewer requests a further revision, the Editor will decide what action is appropriate. The regular time permitted for re-submission of the author's manuscripts after significant revisions are four months; revised texts received after this time will become new submissions.


Editor decision is final 

Reviewers advise the Editors, who are responsible for the final decision to accept or reject the article.


Becoming a Reviewer for the Journal of Pharmaceutical and Sciences (JPS)

If you are not currently a reviewer of the Journal of Pharmaceutical and Sciences (JPS) but wish to be a reviewer for this journal, please contact the editorial office by email at or, and provide contact details. You If your request is approved and you are added to the online reviewer database, you will receive a confirmation email, asking you to add details of your area of expertise in a subject classification format.