Factors Affecting The Use Of Over The Counter Drug Categories In UNSIKA Students

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Antioxidant and Antibacterial Activities of Ethanol Extract of Matoa (Pometia pinnata) Leaves

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Chicken meat antioxydant enrichment by marinating with Andaliman (Zanthoxylum acathopodium) fruit juice

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Stability Test and Irritation Test of Betel Leaf Extract Lotion with Triethanolamine Concentration Variations

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Activity Antioxidant Ethanol Extract U Groh (Cocos nucifera L.) with DPPH Method

Page: 388-392

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The Effect of Collaboration Between Hospitals with BPJS Kesehatan on the Number of Hospital Visits in Indonesia

Page: 393-399

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Antidiabetic Effect of N-Hexane, Ethyl Acetate, and Water Fractions of Clitoria ternatea L. on Streptozotocin-Nikotinamide Induced Rats

Page: 400-408

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Relationship Between Level of Knowlegde and Accuracy of Using Simvastatin in Hypercholesterolemic Patients at Advent Medan Hospital

Page: 437-444

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Study of Drug Interactions In Prescribing Diabetes Mellitus Patients In One of The Hospitals In Bandung City

Page: 445-450

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Antiseptic Gel Testing of Moringa Leaf Infusion on The Number of Germs and Its Physical Evaluation

Page: 495-501

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Formulation Of Lipstick Using Natural Dye Copigmentation Of Annatto (Bixa orellana L.) Seeds With Red Yeast Rice As Dyes

Page: 521-528

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Formulation of Ethanol Extract for Peel Avocado (Persea Americana Mill.) as Foundation Cream

Page: 567-574

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Formulation of bath salt with the addition of natural dye copigmentation of annatto (Bixa orellana L.) and red yeast rice

Page: 592-597

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Formulation and Effectiveness Test of Sintrong Leaf Ethanol Extract Ointment (Crassocephalum crepidioides (Benth.) S. Moore) Against Burn Healing in Male Guinea Pig (Cavia porcellus)

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Total Plate Number And Bacterial Contamination In Lamb Meat In Kampung Lalang Traditional Market

Page: 607-615

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Formulation and Stability Test of Emulgel Extract of Butterfly Pea Flower (Clitoria ternatea L) as Lotion

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Antidiabetic Activity Testing of Sintrong (Crassocephalum crepidioides (Benth.) S. Moore) Ethanol Extract Against Alloxan Induced Male White Rats

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Detection Of Ptahogenic Bacteria In Chicken Meat At The Silver Plain Traditional Market

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Process Capability Study of Thiamazole 100 mg Tablet in a Pharmaceutical Industry in West Java

Page: 655-663

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Qualitative Analysis and Determination of Total Flavonoid Content of Ethanolic Extract of Gotu Kola (Centella asiatica) With Variation of Solvent Concentrations

Page: 673-680

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Caffeine Content Analysis of Arabica Coffee Beans with Variation Roasting Temperatures Grown in Aek Sabaon South Tapanuli

Page: 681-691

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Clinical Screening of Polypharmacy Prescriptions in Type II Diabetes Mellitus Patients at Adventist Hospital

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Clinical Screening of Polypharmacy Prescriptions in Hypertensive Patients at Advent Hospital

Page: 707-712

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The Relationship Between Diabetes Mellitus Patients' Knowledge and Attitude and Compliance with Anti-Diabetic Drug Drinking at Puskesmas PB Selayang II

Page: 713-717

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Level of Knowledge Regarding Medicine Compliance in Outpatient Hypertension Patients At “X” Puskesmas Banyuwangi in 2022

Page: 718-727

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Risk Factors for Stroke in Hypertension Patients at the Glugur Health Center in Medan City

Page: 728-734

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Identification of Ancylostoma duodenale Mineworms Eggs 0n Waste Transportation Workers at The Rantau Prapat Environmental Service, Labuhan Batu District

Page: 735-740

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Testing the Effectiveness of Ethanol Extract of Cork Fish (Channa striata) on Decreasing Blood Glucose Levels of Male Mice (Mus musculus)

Page: 758-765

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Test for Contamination of E. coli and Salmonella sp. Bacteria on Beef in a Traditional Market in Hamparan Perak Sub-district

Page: 892-902

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Effectiveness of Black Seed Oil (Nigella Savita Linn) Against Staphylococcus epidermidis Bacteria Found in Diabetic Ulcers

Page: 903-908

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Review Development of Essential Oil Nano Preparation Formulations to Pharmacological Activity

Page: 381-387

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Synthesis of Acetyl Vanillic Compounds via Vanillin and Its Role as an Analgesic Compound Component

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Review Article: Potential Of Antioxidant Activities From Various Plant For Sunscreen

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Molecular Docking Of Compound With Potential As Anti-breast Cancer: Literature Review

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Analysis of Vancomycin Drug Compounds in Blood Plasma by Various Methods

Page: 428-436

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The Effect of Syrup Fever Drug Content On Cases of Acute Kidney Failure in Children

Page: 451-455

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Relationship of Compliance with Taking Antihypertensive Medications to Quality of Life in Hypertensive Patients in Central Java Province

Page: 456-463

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Relation Between Side Effects of Using Antihypertensive Drugs to Erectile Dysfunction in Men

Page: 464-469

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Article Review: Study of the Effectiveness of Eucalyptus Globulus Plants in Preventing Comorbid Diseases of COVID-19

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Review Article: Utilization of Computational Chemistry with Various Methods in Determining the Design of New Compounds

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Review: Analysis of Warfarin Drug Compounds in Blood Plasma with HPLC/KCKT Method

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Effect of Antidepressant Drugs on Suicide Risk: Literature Review

Page: 502-507

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Methods of Analysis of Sodium Benzoate in Food and Beverages: Literature Review

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Level of Knowledge of Antibiotic Use Against Resistance

Page: 515-520

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Article Review : Study of the Potential of Indonesian Herbal Plants as Antidiabetic in Type 2 Diabetid Patients

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Article Review: Molecular Docking of Anti Diabetes Mellitus Drugs

Page: 541-554

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A Review Article on Implications of Prenatal Folic Acid Supplements on the Risk of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD )in Offspring

Page: 575-585

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Microbial Contamination Analysis Methods in Foods : Review Article

Page: 586-591

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Development of Stability Testing Based on Parameters in Suspension Formulations with Various Different Active Ingredients

Page: 633-639

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Development of Gummy Candy Formulations with Variations in Gelatin Concentrations as Gelling Agents

Page: 649-654

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Review Article : Potential of Various Natural Materials as Natural Insecticides for Head Lice (Pediculus humanus capitis)

Page: 664-672

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The Nanotope™ as a Cosmeceutical Delivery System to Increase the Intensity of Effects on the Skin

Page: 692-701

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Analysis and Validation of Metformin in Human Plasma Using the HPLC Method

Page: 741-749

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Role of Pharmacist in Smoking Cessation Programs: Systematic Review

Page: 750-757

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Use of Potentially Hepatotoxic Drugs in Liver Cirrhosis Patients: A Review

Page: 766-771

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Comparison of Effectiveness and Safety of Fluticasone and Amoxicillin in Managing Acute Sinusitis in Children: A Mini Systematic Review

Page: 772-779

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Review Article : Jamblang Leaves (Syzygium cumini L.) are Used as Medicine

Page: 780-786

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Development of Various Methods of Analyzing Sodium Cyclamate In Soft Drinks

Page: 787-794

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Qualitative Analysis of Paracetamol Compounds in Biological Samples Using Gas Chromatography - Mass Spectrometry (GC-MS) Method

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Review Article: Use of Chitosan Nanoparticles as New Drug Delivery

Page: 804-809

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Review Article: Body Lotion from Various Plant Extracts

Page: 810-815

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Literature Review: Qualitative and Quantitative Identification Methods of Morphine in Urine Samples

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Article Review: Lipstick Formulation Using Natural Ingredients as Natural Dyes

Page: 831-837

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Article Review: Validation of Analysis Methods for Determining Paracetamol Content in Biological Samples Using Various Methods

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Review Article: Methods of Analysis of Tuberculosis Drugs in Blood Plasma

Page: 848-862

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Comparison of Analysis Methods of Compound Levels and Mercury (Hg) Toxicity in Biological Samples

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Article Review: Analysis of Methamphetamine in Hair Samples with Various Methods

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Validation of Drug Compound Analysis Methods in Biological Samples (Urine)

Page: 885-891

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