It is with pleasure the first issue of Journal of Pharmaceutical and Sciences releases to the academic world which is aimed to accommodate the need of researchers or scholars in Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Tjut Nyak Dhien (UTND) publish their work. Fortunately, in this first issue, the Journal accepted many papers from other researchers outside UTND.

However, the possibility of making this journal published is determined by the encouragement and strong decision from the Rector of UTND and also a firm effort of the Faculty of Pharmacy and Institute for Research and Community Services. Apart from that, the issuance of the journal is dedicated to the advancement of research and practical knowledge and the simplification for the need for better policy in the field of pharmaceutical, Sciences, and healthcare.

In this first issue, the authors present their critical findings in various fields that relate to pharmaceutical, analytical chemistry, natural product, pharmacology and food science. Among the topics in this problem is the test of the effectiveness of artocarpusheterophyllus lam flavonoid bark, the use of lard adulteration methods for the analysis of halal products, in the social pharmacy field to discuss consumer perception of services pharmacy. in the field of chemistry analysis, there are two articles, first discussing the method of analyzing calcium and iron metal in Moringa leaf, while in the second article discusses the determination of phosphorus content in green okra.

The existence of the Journal of Pharmaceutical and Sciences may be able to contribute to the increase in the publication of research results within the university's many pharmaceutical faculties and other institutional institutions outside the university's pharmacy department. We hope that this journal can become a journal occupying the top point in the future. Then, in connection with the publication of this journal, the editor would like to thank the reviewers who have made significant contributions to the journal.

Editor Journal of Pharmaceutical and Sciences (JPS),