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Vicania Raisa Rahman
Arif Budiman

Page: 307-314


Drugs in the co-amorphous form are combinations of amorphous drugs with co-formers that have good solubility and stability so that dissolution becomes better and influences the therapeutic effect of drugs better, too the first time a co-amorphous formulation was made to overcome the low solubility of BCS class II. However, the current study found that co-amorphous formulations could improve solubility and the permeability of BCS class III and IV drugs. Co-amorphous production methods include cryo-milling, melting and quench cooling, solvent evaporation, and spray drying. This article review was conducted to gather information about BCS class II, III, and IV drugs made in co-amorphous forms to improve the physicochemical properties of drugs, such as solubility, permeability, and stability. Articles were collected from 20 research journals published over the last ten years. The co-amorphous drug testing of 10 drugs showed higher solubility and permeability than in crystal form


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Rahman, V. R., & Budiman, A. (2023). Article Review: Improving The Permeability of BCS Class II, III, and IV Drugs Using the Co-Amorph Method. Journal of Pharmaceutical and Sciences, 6(1), 307–314.
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