Drug of Choice in The Treatment of Protozoa Infection in Indonesia


protozoal infection; medication; drug of choice

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Trasia, R. F. (2021). Drug of Choice in The Treatment of Protozoa Infection in Indonesia. Journal of Pharmaceutical And Sciences, 4(2), 101-104. https://doi.org/10.36490/journal-jps.com.v4i2.65
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Protozoal infections are still reported to be widespread in several regions around the world, especially in areas with subtropical and tropical climates, where the environment is poor in hygiene. This disease is endemic in several areas in Indonesia, both on the island of Java and outside, especially in rural areas. So far, the treatment of protozoal infections still relies on nitroimidazole antibiotics. However, there are a number of reports of resistance and treatment failure with these antibiotics. In Indonesia, there are still few articles that discuss the treatment of parasitic infections. The purpose of writing this article is to review the therapeutic options that can be used in the management of protozoal infections in Indonesia. From this review, it can be concluded that in addition to the nitroimidazole group, clefamide, amphotericin-B, oxytetracycline, trimetoprim-sulfametoxazole, paramomycin, and nitazoxanide can also be used as alternative treatments.



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