In silico study of compounds in sea cucumber as an imunomodulator
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Sea Cucumber

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Siagian, J., Purnomo, H., & Sasmito, E. (2022). In silico study of compounds in sea cucumber as an imunomodulator. Journal of Pharmaceutical And Sciences, 5(1), 33-41.
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An immunomodulator is used to normalize body conditions when the immune system is getting weaker. It is believed that sea cucumbers can increase endurance, improve the immune system, increase disease resistance, reduce chronic fatigue syndrome, and reduce stress. This is an experimental study, conducted in in-silico through molecular docking by using the PLANTS application. This study aimed to examine the structures of Holotoxins A and Cucumarioside A2-2 compounds that were broken down into some sea-cucumbers structures, including a non-sugar Stichopus japonicus, a non-sugar Cucumaria japonica, 3 sugar units of Stichopus japonicus, 3 sugar units of Cucumaria japonica, 6 sugar units of Stichopus japonicus, and 5 sugar units of Cucumaria japonica. Further, this study intended to find out the effectiveness of these structures as immunomodulators and their bioinformatics study. Routine and levamisole were used as a comparison. The code of receptor protein used was 5UO1 on the PDB. In the comparison of positive control of Rutin, several tested compounds have a same effect when compared to Rutin.  These compounds included  3 sugar units of Stichopus japonicus with a calculated value of 2,37, and 3 sugar units of Cucucmaria japonica with a calculated value of 0,37. The resulting value of the three compounds was T-count < T-table. Hence, there was a meaningful not difference between the three compounds and Rutin as an immunomodulatory medicine
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